Mercedes amg c63

The C63 is more than just another alternative to the ubiquitous BMW M3. In many ways it’s the most serious attempt yet by Mercedes’ performance arm, AMG, to put one over its nemesis from Munich, and when you look at what the car has in its armoury you can’t help but feel for its opponents.

As the badge intimates, the engine is a whopping great 6.3-litre V8 that develops 457bhp and 442lb ft, while the corresponding level of performance is big enough – in theory – to blitz anything the new M3 can offer.

The C63 is a few tanks of fuel dearer than an M3

But the key difference between this car and those previously served up by AMG is that, according to its creators, it is a genuine driver’s car, rather than merely a very powerful, faster version of an ordinary Mercedes.

This time AMG has focused as hard on getting the dynamics right as it has on delivering huge power, hence the steering, brakes, suspension and even the ESP have all been completely redesigned to deliver a sharper driving experience. The results are spectacular. 





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